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Store Tournaments

Battle it out and win exclusive cards!

◆ Capacity & Estimated time

16 seats

Battles are 35 min x 4 times = 140 min

◆ Conditions

Please bring your own deck.

If you are late to the designated time your seat may be re-assigned to someone else.

◆ Entry Fee

£8 to be paid on the day in the store. (Seats allotted by lottery.)

◆ How to Enter

Apply through Bandai TCG+ (seats will be allotted by lottery.)​

Applications will close at midnight three days before the scheduled tournament. 

Those selected by the lottery will be notified inside TCG+ within 24 hours of applications closing.

Store Tournaments run at 1:30pm on Sundays and 6pm on Wednesdays. Click here for April event calendar

◆Winner Prize​

Store Tournament Vol.3 winner 

◆Participation Prize​

Participants can choose one Booster Pack of their choice from [OP-01]/[OP-02]/[OP-03]/[OP-04].

​Store Tournament Vol.2 pack 

If eight or less people - Promotion Pack 2023 (as thanks for answering our survey)

If between 9-16 people - Promotion Pack 2022 and 2022

If more than 17 people - Promotion Pack 2022 and 2023 and Film Red Pack.

(While stock lasts)

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