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Virtual Reality

NAMCO made its name with video games, having introduced the world to PAC-MAN all those years ago, but coming to a NAMCO Funscape doesn’t mean you can only play retro games in our arcade. We’ve also got cutting edge technology here to make for the perfect experience for the whole family.


Video games have come a long way since the days of PAC-MAN so we’ve also got some incredible virtual reality experiences at our centres that will immerse you in strange new worlds and thrilling adventures that feel as real as anything else you’ll enjoy here.

Available at these NAMCO Funscape locations:

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR

Generations of us have grown up playing various Mario Kart games on our consoles but get ready for a whole new experience with the VR version which takes into the iconic tracks and puts you right in there with your favourite characters. It’s available for just £6.95 per person or £20.95 for a group of four.

Try our VR Combo of £9.95pp for both Mario Kart GP VR and Galaga Fever.

Available at NAMCO Funscape Trafford Centre only.

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Galaga Fever

Galaga was one of NAMCO’s biggest arcade hits when it was launched in 1981 and is still said to be one of the best video games of all time. But it doesn’t need to be a completely retro experience because Galaga Fever is here to immerse you in the world of the classic game with modern VR technology, so grab your headset and your laser and get ready to blast some aliens.

Play for £4.95 per person or make the most of our VR Combo of £9.95pp for both Mario Kart GP VR and Galaga Fever.

Available at NAMCO Funscape Trafford only.

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VR Starship

Strap yourselves in for the adventure of a lifetime! Our VR Starship can take you on more than 50 different rides with the help of a VR headset, from deep sea explorations to terrifying haunted houses and thrill-rides in the sky. Each experience lasts 5 minutes and costs just £5 per person. Height restrictions apply, so you need to be over 1.5m to ride.

Available at NAMCO Funscape Trafford Centre only.

VR Rabbids

The Rabbids in a whole new way!

Put on your VR headset and discover the famous Rabbids from a brand new perspective. Board your rollercoaster, jump into their wacky world, and follow them in epic adventures!

Available at NAMCO Funscape Metrocentre, Romford and Trafford Centre

VR Shark

An immersive VR experience with 144 videos to take you away! Available for up to two players.

Available at NAMCO Funscape Tamworth