Bowling Technician

Job description


The ultimate aim is to make the site that you work in successful and profitable. We can only achieve this if we have happy customers that want to return and tell others about their experience. In order to do this we need to build good customer loyalty. Customer loyalty involves building a long term relationship between NOEL and the individual customer in order to improve profitability and return visits.

To achieve the above we must all work together as a team to provide the best possible customer experience in a clean, safe and friendly environment. All employees have a duty to uphold the high brand image of the NOEL profile within the market place and ensure that all polices and procedures as set out in the various compliance and policy manuals are adhered to at all times.


Below is a list of the types of duties that are associated with your role, please note that this list is a guide and not a definitive list of duties. 

  • To ensure that the centre is kept mechanically and electronically at its peak at all times thereby ensuring maximum throughputs from the customer.
  • Carryout any necessary repairs to the fabric of the unit, if needed as a temporary measure and make recommendations for 3rd party involvement.
  • Any other duties as agreed with your immediate line manager/DGM/GM/ASM
  • To report any issues to the Duty Manager where it will impact on Customer Service levels.
  • Communicate with Front of House on a day to day basis and establish a good working base.
  • Undertake training as required to be aware of the changing environment related to back of house equipment.


Below is a list of the types of responsibilities that are associated with your role, please note that this list is a guide and not a definitive list.

  • Act in the absence of the Assistant Manager / Senior Technician in all aspects of the role.
  • Health & Safety
  • To include COSH regulations
  • To ensure that the machinery and equipment within the centre are kept at an optimum performance level within the constraints of the business.
  • Be able to assess the extent of repair / change required before calling 3rd parties to the site for work to be done.
  • Deal with customers and management over the damage caused to personal equipment and report as necessary and ensure repair of area causing the problem in the first place.
  • Advise of the need for parts for replacement/ renewal as necessary in consultation with AM/ST /GM/DGM

 To apply: please send your C.V to [email protected] or alternatively get in touch by calling: 01708 732 237

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